The Wastelands of Sahara are one of the 12 divisions of Earth's Government in Mega Man X: Unit 49. Once, they were part of the now called Sub-Saharan Union and the former division in the Middle East, but after the fall of the space colony Eurasia, the area between Libya, Niger and Chad was completely wiped out by the main debris and the dust spread by the impact. Nearly all the civilization in the Sahara collapsed due to the violent shockwave and its aftermath.

The climate changes already made the human life difficult out of cities and the death of the councilor responsible for the Middle East in 2180 following the Earth Crisis left the division fragile. Continuous Maverick raids led the government to a tragic collapse, leaving the Arabian Peninsula in the hands of a criminal organization called Syndicate of the Sands, led by Brutal Ammut, who founded the No-Law State of Alghadira. During the Maverick Spring, the region was completely uninhabited by humans. Although the councilors Ardashir, Raffould and Millions officially have power over this division, no one knows what happens in the shadows.


The gray area represents the territory of named as Wastelands of Sahara