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Troublemaking Prodigy is the second chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.

The chapter starts with the Hunters reading Dr. Henry Snacman's first note in his diary, dated August 30th of 2174 in the British Islands. Henry describes his origins and his impressions about the society a years after the first Reploids were introduced to the society and a few months after the first great conflict between Maverick Hunters and Sigma, and then says he came to London hoping to find a job in the Research and Development of Reploids Bureau.


The Cop Bot analyzes Henry.

The following scene shows Henry in a rock band concert and getting a necklace thrown by the singer, which would later be used by his son. Near the place, there was a Maverick outbreak occuring and Henry had to run back home. However, when he was getting close, he was stopped by a defective Cop Bot that was about to turn Maverick, which then tried to kill Henry with his buster. Henry used the bad aim of the Cop to make him hit a holder with several heavy boxes, which smashed and disabled him. Henry took the arm cannon for himself and used his experience with the outdated Robot Masters to modify the pieces and make a cannon usable for humans. In that note, Henry mentions that the last Robot Masters in use are the Judge Men.

Henry tested his arm cannon near a public area and was arrested, and had to make the police believe about the incident with the Cop Bot. He did not expect that the news about him would reach the ears of the Director of the RaDoRB, Dr. Seigen, and amaze him. Dr. Seigen then invited Henry to join the Junior Researcher Team. A few days after, Seigen brought Henry to the Hall of Fame, a corridor with pictures from notable scientists like Dr. Cain and Dr. Doppler and told him about his own life story. Seigen worked in a space station called Trailblazer that had no boundaries regarding what could be researched there. Seigen said that they developed even organic robots and quasi-sentient nanomachines. However, the place was destroyed by a strange being called Cosmos, and the escape pod containing Seigen's masterpiece, Omicron, was lost.


  • Dr. Seigen calls Earth a "Pale Blue Dot" as a reference to Carl Sagan's famous Pale Blue Dot speech and book.