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The True Target is the eighteenth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.


Elika insists in getting up even with his body damaged, but Falsetto tries to calm him down.

The chapter begins what seems to be Captain Elika's most disturbing memories: Saturn's speeches mocking him about his incompetence and that his mistake will destroy the world, Nora begging him and Rubre to stop fighting each other after the deaths of Frosch and Rott, and Rubre's last sentence "My blood is on your hands" repeating louder every time, until Elika wakes up from the nightmare. It seemed Falsetto was messing in his repair capsule and accidentaly forced Elika out of his hibernation. Since Elika was confused about how they got out of the CEU Parliament, Falsetto explains that the jamming was being weakened by the Neo Maverick Army so a retreat order could be spread, and so Nora managed to retrieve them back to the base safely (although that does not explain why Duelist did not attack them, nor how Elika had energy to teleport). Red Thunder and Trickster are under repairs and Zero is said to be very wounded. Although Falsetto convinces Elika to rest, Elika suspects the uncommon convenience of the situation.

In the Command Center, Platina is waiting for news from the battle in the Alliance of Scandinavia and says she is able to go in another mission with the Valiant Frontline Suit even though she is not fully recovered from her battle against Chaotic Gargale. Falsetto enters the room and volunteers to go in another mission in case it is needed, since he accomplished the last mission unscathed. Nora feels bad about Elika's unrest and nearly forgots to open the hatch to allow the passage of Squad A's teleporting energy beams. They bring three Jammers and a Repeater with them.