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The Siege Begins! is the eighth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

Continuing directly from Briefing, X and Zero step in the teleporter and are transferred to a bridge to begin the invasion and reach the factory.

Nora can be briefly understanded, since the near jamming waves are disturbing the transmission and causing noises. X and Zero start the mission attacking the incoming Neo Maverick minion, riding a Cannon Driver MK2, shortly thereafter two cannons attached in the bridge shoot against the Hunters, but they dodge. There is a Cannon Driver MK2 without a controller standing near them, and X rushes to capture it, destroying the two enemies in the way.


The bridge falls while the Cannon Drivers exchange gunfire.

Zero reaches X and they proceed, but they step in a loose part of the bridge, without any pilar sustaining it. 

The weight of the Cannon Driver makes it go down, and the driver minion on the other side seemed to be waiting for this and started to shoot. X's Cannon Driver starts to slip, and after seeing the minion extending his Cannon Driver upper part to adjust the angle, he does the same, but only to propel himself in an acrobacy to reach the stable ground again. X shoots a medium charged shot, piercing the middle of the enemy Cannon Driver lower torso, unstabilizing and making it decouple the upper part into the abyss, and Zero finishes the job cutting the driver in a half. The remaining enemy Cannon Driver stares at X and Zero, then desperately activates the boosters and retreat, crashing with with the castle cannons in the way.

Fearing she wouldn't be able to contact the Hunters after they enter the location due to the jamming, Nora decides to pass all the instructions of the mission at once. The factory is part of the castle, it was used to produce troops for its owner, but it was suspiciously producing more soldiers than it was supposed to be, and it was closed. The Neo Mavericks probably changed the A.I.s of the troops to make them obey the army and behave aggressively against intruders. Nora suggests X and Zero to destroy the main computer of the factory and kill Kran if they have the opportunity.