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The Sewer is the tenth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1

Captain Elika is shown sit on his chair in the Commander's Room starting a transmission with the responsible of the 13th Polar Region Unit, Raika. He invites Raika to join the 49th Unit, part of his plan of making the Unit a new main headquarters, but Raika refuses. His point is that gathering all the Hunters in the same place will only tease the Neo Maverick Army to repeat what they've done with the main headquarters, but he'll still helping hunting any Maverick who step in his area.

The scene changes to X and Zero regaining consciousness from the fall from the Reception Hall, and they realize they're in the castle sewers


X destroys Verdugo.

They start to explore the place to look for the jammer and an exit, beating Kran's shield thugs in the way. After proceeding into the prison, the Hunters fight Verdugo, who hits Zero in the back, almost cutting him in a half. 

In the lower levels, they find the floodgates, who are seeming to follow a pattern. The first floodgate opens immediatelly after the Hunters pass near it, releasing a large amount of water and three shield thugs. X and Zero easily defeat them, but are surprised by a Rattomb right after, who explodes himself to damage the intruders. X clears the "mousetraps" of the area and proceed deeper into the place.