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The Evil Settles Up is the nineteenth and final chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

An undetermined time after Kran's final attack, X's Variable Weapon System activates and he learns Counterstrike Mirror, then X wakes up and realizes he's far away from the destroyed Iberian Castle. X sees the forest in flames and the a near city damaged by loose energy bursts and the shockwave. He wonders if that was Kran's way to punish him, by leaving him with a guilty conscience.

X returns to base and is received by Alia, and shows frustration for causing such destruction. Nora says the incident with Sewer Jailrat and the intoxicated water let her send a justified emergency evacuation order to all the cities around the Iberian Castle hours before the explosion and probably no one has been hurt. Captain Elika meets X and Alia in the corridor and laments for not being able to help them. X and Alia say he hadn't any fault because he was working the whole day to bring new Hunters to fight with them, so disasters like this wouldn't happen again.

In the R&D Lab, Platina is seem sitting in a seat while Blue Knight is bothers Zero by telling him to enter his repair capsule, and Zero seems to be refusing for some reason.. Then, X and Alia enter the R&D Lab.


Several Mavericks reunite at Arashiha Citadel.

Hours later, Kerbekeros walks to the War Hall of the Arashiha Citadel and welcomes his new comrades. Dozens of Mavericks are in the place, some of them are on screens. Kerbekeros is surprised for the amount of Irregulars in the First Neo Maverick Conference, which will decide the next steps of the Neo Maverick Army and also discuss or clarify their ideologies.  Meanwhile, Saturn and the Mysterious Man talk about Kerbekeros trying to make moves with second intentions in the reunion, but Saturn discards this possibility so early, also mentioning that once a puppet turned against him. Saturn is needed for the diplomatic relations, otherwise the discord between the crooks, mobsters and bounty hunters would take the army to a fast colapse. Saturn says that in a dozen days the Operator will be fully set up and they'll be free to visit Arashiha physically. Then, Saturn enters a capsule and joins the reunion with a hologram.

Inside the Winter Base, Raffould receives a photo of the destruction of the Iberian Castle and a relatory containing all the losses of the incident. He gives a sarcastic lamentation after reading that the Maverick Hunters are suspect of being involved.