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The Chosen Heir is the eight chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.

Dated 1st April of 2188, Dr. Henry Snacman's note tells about the ambush that Saturn made for the 49th Unit after his mysterious revival.


Rott dies by Frosch's missiles.

After two years since their apparent triumph over Saturn, Paragos 0 and Suction appear and attack the RotNA government once again, and the 49th Unit is activated once again. Saturn suddenly appeared in front of Liutenant Frosch and Rott and challenged them to a fight. While Rott's bullets could easily pierce RD217900-6's body, this time the bullets merely caused a burn mark on his armor. Rott then tried to distract Saturn so Frosch could hit him with the missiles, but Rott was thrown in the projectiles and killed. 


Frosch regrets not finishing Saturn in the past.

Frosch put his guard down as he was shocked for killing his own friend. Saturn appears from behind with his warp technique and grabs him by the feet. Saturn, noticeably resentful for the way they tried to kill him in the past, drops Frosch from an abyss as vengeance.

Nora tried to take Frosch back, but before the transference could be finished, a giant fireball came from above and destroyed him.

Meanwhille, Captain Elika and Rubre fight Suction, until Saturn reaches the place. Rubre goes fiercely towards him, but Elika holds her hand. She slaps back saying it's all his fault. Nora takes the two back while Saturn says Elika's mistake will bring the end of the world as he knows one day.


From left to right: Standard Combat Suit, Valiant Frontline Suit, Heavy Engage Suit.

Platina started to worry that Saturn could come after Henry now that he was stronger and insisted that Henry should create a combat suit for her, as they could not rely only on the Maverick Hunters. Three months later, Henry finished not one, but three suits for his wife. She asked him to replace her civillian prostheses with the combat models he made for the military and he resists, but later accepts that it is her choice, even if he wants to keep her away from that.


Henry gives his necklace to Encore.

The last page is dated August 23th of 2188. The note shows Henry's excitement for finishing the SN-13 Encore, the Reploid that would bear the reactor made from the meteorite gems eleven years earlier. He made him at his own image and treated him as his own son, since Platina was sterile and they could not have children. Henry makes a speech about power and his worries about the future, although Encore was not awaken.

"...You are also a repeatance of me. A reflection of Henry Snacman's endeavour, just in the end of his concert. My son. My heir."