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The 49th Unit is the third chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

X is inside an airplane with Alia and Zero, he remembers the first time he saw Saturn during the Maverick Spring, in 2182. Saturn declines everything X says, justifying that X can't give what he wants: Power. Saturn also show his ensanguined hand, saying its from his colleagues of RaDoRB for not saying where he was.

Reaching the 49th Unit Base, the Hunters are received by Captain Elika, Alia is impressed with the size of the base, Elika replies saying it was all thanks to Dr. Henry Snacman's investments.

The Hunters enter the 49th Unit's reunion hall and meet their new colleagues: Nora, the Navigator and manager of the base systems; Blue Knight, a combat reploid specialized in both Saber and Buster techniques; Snacman, Dr. Henry's reploid "son", and Platina, the only cyborg Maverick Hunter and Dr.Henry's widow.

Platina tells a part of her story, and gives a hint that Saturn could have slain Dr. Henry. Zero recognizes her pain since he also lost his lover. Nora then says she doesn't like to sit and wait Saturn appear, since it's impossible to track him due to his different teleport method, she is interrupted by the Warning Siren.


Hunters right after the Warning Siren.

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