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Axl's body, merged with Lumine's DNA.

Pawns of Sacrifice is the tenth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.

The chapter begins with Saturn's thoughts about the New Generation Reploids and their truly potential as Reploids able to shapeshift. He believes that in the future, they could evolve by changing their own DNA program and updating their powers endlessly, something he had idealized with Paragos in the past. Saturn is analyzing the process of DNA corruption being made by Lumine's shard in Axl's body, and that the "principle of mind conservation" of the A-Trans will result in an interesting scenario.


Doppelganger morphs into an Earth Government patrol Reploid.

The scene shifts to Saturn talking with the Mysterious Man about the fear of the scientists on the destructive potential of nanotechnology and that the technology growth seemed to have suffered a brake between the 21st and 22nd centuries, as if mankind was holding back due to a trauma, an event that made them fear the future of robotics. The Mysterious Man ponders about using the Soulstream Exchanger in Axl and Lumine in search for useful data about Sigma, but Saturn dismisses, as the Doppelganger had already been deployed to infiltrate the ranks of Earth's Government and discover their weak points in order to crush the Council. 

Meanwhile, Alia finally gets a chance to talk with Layer and Pallette, who are still under repairs. Pallette notices the sadness in Alia and tries to cheer her up. After the transmission ends, Nora enters the room to show her new look and the two talk about their hobbies. Nora reveals she spent most of ther time in the last several years bored because she had to stay in the base waiting for Saturn to act, but that never happened, and she could only read stuff in the net and write fantasy stories.


Maestro, the inventor and weapon trafficker.

Elika calls Alia and Nora to the Commander's Room and shows them what he discovered about Kran after X's unsettling report. The evidences pointed that Kran was actually Widhalm Martin Luthier, a civilian Reploid accused of being a Maverick due to his involvement with Maestro, a weapon trafficker that planned to sell a powerful light bomb to the criminals Dikho & Scatho to destroy the Central European Union.

However, the link between Kran's honest words and the uncertainty in Red Thunder's story suggested that Widhalm was deceived and believed Maestro was killed for an unfair reason, so he began hating the Maverick Hunters and Earth's Government and fled in fear. The idea that a hasty conclusion from the Maverick Hunters actually made a civillian Reploid become a criminal out of choice made X feel bad. Alia remembers about Gate's hatred towards RaDoRB and how that led him to causing a disaster, as well as X's endless cycle of fighting. Elika argues that the enemies do not think of solving things peacefully, so X will suffer whatever happens. Alia commits herself to comfort X.