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One Step Ahead is the twelfth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.


Kerbekeros makes a speech in Arashiha's Command Center.

The first page of the chapter shows X's thoughts during the five days after the new members joined the 49th Unit. After watching Zero's Kyushuken, he wondered which Special Arms Axl would get. The [1], Captain Elika and Falsetto were searching for any signs left by the Neo Maverick Army in their operations, specially in factories that could be used to produce troops. He shows a certain frustration at how the Maverick Hunters are unable to get out of their passive state and always stay behind the enemy.

In June 27th of 2193, Kerbekeros finishes setting the Arashiha Citadel for the following operations of the Neo Maverick Army, and so he gives instructions to all the soldiers about how Phase 4 will be done. They were not ready to attack the Central Eurasian Federation capital without battle airships, so they would change their focus. Before the true plan was put in action, the NMA would attack several points around the world to disturb Earth's Government.