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Nightly Torments is the sixth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

This short chapter starts with X exiting his room and going to the balcony, in the 49th Unit base.

He notices that Alia is also there, staring at the sea with a sorrowful look. He approaches her, and she starts to unburden about her insecurities about Saturn finding and attacking the 49th Unit base, which would be a repeating of the nightmare she lived in Operation Doomsday. X says that she should stop thinking about it and Zero was right, Saturn is a coward won't attack until they are defenseless, being tormented and not resting would only help him. He then says he's going to protect her room if she is still not feeling safe.

The focus jumps to the mysterious man and Saturn talking inside his laboratory, and Saturn is questioned about the confiability of The Engineers, he then tells what he know about their history: they are a team of master engineers with an enhanced learning algorithm that permitted them to solve many problems in the underground world in the days when humans were forced to live underground, but never seemed to care about the surface. When the humans returned to the surface world, they stayed in the depths of the several cities and tunnels, many of these abandoned. They're seem constructing some kind of reploid with copy abilities with a intel extraction device.