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Ms. Roemer is the third chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.


Henry analyzes the meteorite with the help of a Ball De Voux.

The memory dates June 4th of 2177, during the Great Repliforce War. Aside from robot architecture, Henry also got interested in medicine because the story about the organic robots he heard from Dr. Seigen. After developing a prostheses model, Henry wondered how the world would be if humans and Reploids had their bodies adapted to work in a similar way - a change that only happened hundreds of years later, between the Zero and ZX series. Henry saw a very shiny meteor in the previous day, and thought it was a fragment from one of the exotic asteroids that the Trailblazer had captured. He departed with his assistant, Ardie to search the meteorite. Two days later, they the crater in a forest and Henry discovered the gems of the meteorite were highly phosphorescent. They went back to London in the next hours, but crossed an area that was under attack of the Repliforce fleet led by Storm Owl. In a try to kill one of the Maverick Hunters, one of the ships shoot down with a strong beam laser and hit the road Henry was crossing. Although he managed to brake his truck in time, he saw someone going in the middle of the explosion and screaming. Henry then convinced Ardie to rescue the civillian.

Weeks later, the civillian, called Platina Roemer Angström, wakes up in a hospital bed with prostheses made by Henry. Henry shows up and introduces himself to Platina to tell her about what happened.