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This Wiki contains articles about Mega Man X: Unit 49, a sprite comic being produced by IrregularSaturn AKA Lord Saturn since January 2015. The story tells about a last major conflict between the Maverick Hunters and the Maverick remnants while expanding the lore of the series and tying the loose ends left by Mega Man X8 with the Elf Wars and consequently the Zero series without diverging from the canon and placing the events in a timeline. Currently with 131 articles, this archive will be updated as the comic progresses.
Feel free to edit any article to write additional information or fix grammatical errors, it will be of great help.

There will be boxes warning when a section may contain spoilers, but some minor information will appear without any advice.

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December 23th of 2018

After one and a half year without updates, this Wikia has received nearly twenty new articles and a massive update on the Characters and Factions categories, enhancing the previously poorly written articles.

December 12th of 2017
There will be some months until the wikia receives its next mass update. Until that, I would like to ask the readers to correct any typos seen in the articles. I know there are many of them spread through the pages, but I can't fix them because I don't know where they are until I find them by chance. Thanks.

June 8th of 2017
As Season 2's first arc (S02CH1 to S02CH9) is about to end, the updates on this wikia will begin soon.

April 14th of 2017
All the pages related to Season 2's first arc will be made around May, because I do not have a too much free time to write them right now and it is better to wait until all the information has been shown in the comics.

Also, something strange happened with all the images and they had their qualities reduced to JPG levels.


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