Mega Man X: Unit 49, also known as MMX:U49, is a sprite comic produced by Irregular Saturn since January 2015.


After the battle on the Moon, Sigma had his "final defeat", along with Lumine and his plans. X and Zero are just a few steps away from reaching the dreamed peace between reploids and humans... However, dozens, if not hundreds of dangerous Mavericks are still around the world since the fall of the space colony Eurasia, followed by the Nightmare Phenomena and the Maverick Spring - not to mention that the Sigma Virus is still spread through all the world. Finding and putting an end to these criminals is duty of the Maverick Hunters, and it doesn't seem to be such a hard task now that Sigma is gone... But what if one these criminals build a huge conspiracy to wage another war? What if Sigma is not really gone?

Story Edit

The story has been divided in Seasons, and they have subdivisions called Arcs.

Prologue: Doomsday (Finished)

  • The Prologue shows a mysterious person called "Saturn" activating a giant Reploid and sending him to the main Maverick Hunter HQ through a warp in space. The enemy also activates a powerful device able to generate fields that blocks communications and destroys  teleporting Reploids. Due to that, Mega Man X and Zero are unable to return from a mission and protect the headquarters. The outcome is tragic: Axl is kidnapped, Signas disappears and almost all the Hunters in the place are destroyed.

Season 1 (Finished)

  • Chapter 1-6: Desperate, the survivors of the Operation Doomsday try to find answers about the new threat, until they are contacted by a minor Hunter Unit known as "Special Pursuit Squad 8", the 49th Unit, whose only task is to investigate and destroy Saturn. X, Zero and Alia move to their hideout in order to begin their missions. Saturn announces the foundation of the Neo Maverick Army, and uses the media to spread his words to the whole world, with the purpose of gathering Mavericks that were hiding and did not pledge loyalty to Sigma due to ideological divergences. Meanwhile, the Earth Council is convinced to raise a massive robotic army to counter this new threat.
  • Chapter 7-19: The Maverick Hunters manage to track the NMA general Kran to his hideout and begin a long mission to investigate the place, culminating in a violent battle that nearly takes X's life. Meanwhile, the leader of the 49th Unit tries to contact the remaining Maverick Hunters around the world to re-establish the organization. 

Season 2 (Ongoing)

  • Chapter 1-9: The 49th Unit searches through the files of a scientist called Dr. Henry Snacman, whose life is directly related to Saturn, hoping to find out his motivations and the truth about his last creation. This arc shows how the events from Mega Man X to Mega Man X7 affected the [[[Research and Development of Reploids Bureau]] (also known as Reploid Research Center) from the perspective of Dr. Henry, at the same time how this institute and Saturn influenced the development of the New Generation Reploids.
  • Chapter 10-17: More Maverick Hunters join the 49th Unit, and the Neo Maverick Army begins a new stage of their plan. This arc shows four simultaneous missions with several battles against the NMA members.
  • Chapter 18-??: Ongoing.


The timeline used by the author is not supposed to conflict with any official fact, except maybe for the time the X era begins. Actually, the timeline tries to enhance the continuity it by connecting the events with complete dates.

The timeline can be found here.


This list will increase as the comic progress.

Maverick Hunters



7th Air Cavalry

13th Polar Region Unit

17th Elite Unit

33rd Tactical Intrusion Team

41st Shapeshifting Squad

49th Special Pursuit Squad 8

Neo Maverick Army

Other Irregulars

Earth's Government


Older VersionsEdit

There are older discontinued versions of MMX:U49 are saved in the author's Archive folder in DeviantART (the 2010 version can only be read in portuguese and are filled with grammar errors; the 2014 version is available in both languages). They may contain spoilers, since some of the aspects of the story still remain in the second remake.

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