We've been built to be better than humans by choice
of their own, how can that take away our merit?

— Maestro, Chain Vengefulness
Maestro as he appears in Mega Man X: Unit 49
Comic Information
First Appearance Chain Vengefulness
Personal Information
Species: Reploid
Gender: Male
Death June 2187
Hair Color: Dark Grey
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: M-Baton
Affiliations and Positions

Maestro's Sprite

Maestro was a renowned inventor and Reploid musician of the 2180 decade, a mentor to Widhalm M. Luthier. His malignancy caused a chain reaction of vengeance that destroyed lives even after his death.

Maestro seems to be a very gentle man, an enthusiast of the Reploid art and the evolution of his species. Traces of his true self can be seen when someone brings up the subject of comparing humans physically and mentally with Reploids, as he gets easily infuriated when his merit is taken just because he is naturally supposed to be better than humans. In fact, Maestro is a liar that tries to manipulate people around him so he will get what he wants, usually money, and his compassionate seems to be null. Even in death, instead of redeeming himself, he lied to Widhalm to make him believe that the Maverick Hunters unjustifiably killed his mentor coldly because the Council desired it. Knowing Widhalm had an unique intelligence potential, Maestro wanted to induce him to live to hate the Government and sell weapons for Mavericks, which would one day overthrow the government together with him.

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