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Paragos 0 under construction.

Loop of Meanings is the fifth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2.

Six months after Dr. Seigen took RD217900-6 to turn him into a scientist, the Reploid, now called Saturn, became a researcher recognized by the RaDoRB authorities. Although bearing a vast knowledge, Saturn was failing to make his own project succeed, since it required a large amount of energy. He approaches Henry while he is watching a news channel showing an interview Zero after a battle with bandits in the surface. Henry notices Saturn's admiration for Zero, and Saturn reveals that, in fact, he wants to build something as powerful as Zero and treats him as a paragon, and that's why he designed and discarded so many blueprints. Saturn wants his "guinea pig" to be upgraded endlessly aiming perfection, so all Reploids can follow his example, but he fears the limitations from Seigen will not allow him to succeed with his project. The guinea pig would be called Saturn War Machine 00 Paragos 0.

Dated July 2180, there is a note telling about Henry's feelings for Platina and how their connection led to their wedding in the 16th.

In October of 2181, Henry was working on a Reploid capable of working with a reactor made from the meteorite gems he found years before, actually, it was already the 7th of his tries, the SN-07 Pesmet. The energy flux of the body became unstable and exploded, permanently damaging Henry's legs. Henry replaced part of his legs with the prostheses from his patent and willed to keep working in dangerous conditions if it was necessary to keep the secrecy of the meteorite.


Saturn, as he borders on madness.

The following scene is actually out of Henry's diary, in a date unknown of the year 2182. Saturn finds Henry's lab open and sees the blueprints of SN-09 Nio, along with a shard of the meteorite. After seeing how much power the gems could have, Saturn has a mental unstability and realizes it's because the gems are his chance to fulfill his long frustrated desire... but he does not know for how long he would be able to hold a complete breakdown. 


The title Loop of Meanings refers to both Saturn and Paragos 0:

  • Paragos 0 is based on Zero, at the same time its a prototype of the Saturn War Machine series, being the 0th number.
  • RD217900-6 was activated in 6/6/2179 and became a scientist in six months. The name Saturn (pronounced as Satān in japanese) has a double meaning: it refers to the 6th main planet of the Solar System, at the same time it is a kind of euphemism to the name Satan (referred as the Unholy Doubter by him, as he felt identified with the title because of his contestative behavior), which is related to the number 666 in popular culture.