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Arang having laughing at Hound's inability to hit him. He used a weapon based on a butcher knife and explosives in his missions.
Arang was a Mercenary that was tasked to steal the Blue Moon and Red Sun Super Ride Armors from the 3rd Hangar of the Earth Army together with Baronel.

They managed to defeat most of the security by themselves, but The Hound appeared and began chasing the two, leaving a trail of destruction through the corridors of the warehouse. The two split and Arang used his high speed to distract The Hound while Baronel captured the Red Sun, and he was actually having fun doing that. He seemed arrogant towards the warnings of his Navigator and easily dodged Hound's attacks, he was surprised by the presence of the Maverick Hunters and lowered his guard, allowing The Hound to strike him with two brutal blows. The fact that he was carrying explosives in his belt made him blow to pieces as soon as he took the second hit. Due to his death, Baronel was forced to choose between the Red Sun and the Blue Moon.

Mashcane, Killsight and FerosEdit



From left to right: Killsight, Mashcane and Feros.

Killsight is a cyclops whose second eye is a floating ball that can dodge even machine gun bullets. Mashcane uses an electric bat and Feros a large beam spear.

Mashcane, Killsight and Feros are a trio of Warmongers that resemble the X-Hunters. They join the attack on the Central European Union parliament in order to make their name and try ascending in the ranks of the Neo Maverick Army. They see the opportunity of getting noticed when they see Captain Elika and realize he is a Maverick Hunter. Feros and Mashcane were thirsty for that prey and made several alternated attacks, while Killsight scanned Elika with his second eye to pinpoint his weakpoint, allowing him to hit Elika's chest and almost deactivate him, which would make his capture easier. Elika used Mashcane's own electric bat to beat him violently and threw it at Killsight, blinding him. However, Elika still could not hurt Feros, who kept making powerful charged attacks. Killsight came back and revealed the nature of his second eye, so Elika tried to take it down, but it dodged every single bullet even in close range. Feros nearly hit Elika with a deadly attack that destroyed the surroundings, but he used the opening to retreat with the rest of the group since the Earth Army was arriving.

Fistfire LaniusEdit




Fistfire Lanius watches Captain Elika.
Fistfire Lanius was a Warmonger who seeked to ascend in the ranks of the Neo Maverick Army by joining the assault on the Central European Union and proving his worth to the Warchief Duelist. However, Fistfire seemed to not like her, since she only had that position for being a protégé (War Machine) of the Flaming Pinocchio, like the stupid bat. Calling Saturn a pinocchio may hint that Fistfire believed his leader was not a honest person, who was using his followers for something else. Fistfire Lanius underestimated Captain Elika during their fight and took several bullets thinking they would not hurt. He managed to capture Elika but wanted to kill him in front of Duelist, a fatal mistake: Elika managed to shoot his wings midair, making him lose control. Fistfire blasted him away with his foot thrusters, but Elika managed to hop back on Fistfire and destroyed him during the fall.
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