This article shows the most notable characters from the Research and Development of Reploids Bureau from Mega Man X: Unit 49.


Image Name Description Miscelaneous

Dr. Seigen


Seigen was the person appointed to be the first director of the RaDoRB as soon as the institute was founded in 2171.

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Based on Carl Sagan.


RD217X-N series

Ardie was a customized unit of the RD217X-N series that worked as Dr. Henry Snacman's assistant. Although he always looked deadpan and showed no emotions during critical situations, Ardie still had a personality. He cared about the safeness of his master and was instered about his personal life.

Ardie seemed to be accept without resistance, although showing signs of sadness, the fact that sooner or later he would be replaced by newer models and was grateful that Henry prevented him from being disposed. For that reason, he did not hesitate in sacrificing himself to save his master in Berserk and died happy.

His nickname comes from the letters RD.


Mr. Banneker


Mr. Banneker was the inventor responsible for developing the Robot Developer series for the RaDoRB since the early 2170's.

For that reason, he can be considered the creator of both Ardie and Saturn.

Based on Benjamin Banneker.

Mr. Feyn

Electricity expert

Mr. Feyn was an electromagnetism expert and one of the responsibles for RaDoRB's network during the early 2180's. During the events of Berserk, he was the first person to notice that the system had been breached by a traitor and that many data files were missing. Based on Richard Feynman

Dr. Niels


Dr. Niels was a molecular scientist that accepted the job as Inspector after the Earth Crisis since he thought he could look over the institute better than Seigen. However, he did not know that the pressure he would have to bear would turn him into a much worse person. Niels was a very blunt person who frequently offended his colleagues while he was very sensitive even to things that roughly suggested an offense at him.

When someone or something disturbed him, Niels could easily become obsessed and pick on them for the time being, criticizing their manners and complaining about any action they could do.

Based on Niels Bohr.

Dr. Rubix

Virus vaccine researcher

Dr. Rubix is one of the main authorities in researches of the Maverick Virus. Up to 2182, his works involved tracing evolutive and correlative lines between many kind of computer viruses that could affect robots and was the first to find out Dr. Doppler's vaccine would not be truly effective against Sigma.  

After learning that Zero could be the root of all those viruses, Rubix asked him to study his body, but, since the world was living the Maverick Spring and Mega Man X was out of the frontlines, it was a unwise decision to take away the world's only bastion amidst a destroyed surface and a surge of Maverick occurrences. 

Until Zero felt he was ready to be sealed, Rubix started to study the turn-Maverick-at-will cases. His theory is that certain syllogisms and logical conclusions can make a Reploid believe it justifiably to break up its own pre-coded morale, for example, the laws of robotics and start plotting against mankind. Rubix fears how far can go a Reploid with true beliefs, not moved by a Virus and reflects what kind of ethical implications that problem brings.

Rubix is supposed to be the same Researcher from Zero's ending in Mega Man X6. His name is associated with Rubik's Cube since there are several square marks on his body and he spends his life working on a "puzzle". 

Dr. Rosse Parsons Dr. Rosse worked in the same sector of Dr. Henry Snacman and was always in a good mood, being the one to cool down Inspector Niels when it was necessary.  Based on William Parsons.
Dr. Rutherns Dr. Rutherns appears only in Troublemaking Prodigy as one of the co-leaders of the institute in the early 2170's, along with Seigen and Niels. Based on Ernest Rutherford.
Dr. Salomea C. Dr. Salomea worked on a distinct sector from the main characters and came to greet Henry when he joined the RaDoRB. Based on Marie Curie.
New Director This unammed mysterious man was the person appointed by the Earth's Government to ensure the institute would focus on the projects requested by them and also to introduce the transparency policies. During his mandate, the Amorphic Matter was succesfully created, followed by the New Generation Reploids.