The 3rd Hangar of the Earth Army or Hangar 3 is a secret military base in the Republic of the North America that stores several supplies and machinery for the Earth Army. Its location was supposed to be known only by the Council and some of the highest members of the government. During Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2, it was the mission stage for Squad B (Zero, Encore, and Red Thunder).

The Super Ride Armors Blue Moon and Red Sun were hidden in one of its warehouses and the information about them was soon leaked by a betrayer, although it may have been a job done by Doppelganger. During the Fanfare Operations of the Neo Maverick Army, the mercenaries Baronel and Arang were sent to retrieve both Ride Armors and The Hound was activated to defend the place. It began chasing them, leaving a trail of destruction through the corridors. Without strenght to defeat the mechaniloid, Baronel and Arang split, leaving Arang to buy time attracting the attention of it while Baronel captured the Red Sun. With a massive barrage of missiles, The Hound was destroyed, although Arang was killed right before due to the unexpected presence of the Maverick Hunters, who had come thanks to a help request sent by an official. They get the Blue Moon and begin a fierce battle in the Corridor A, which was severely damaged.