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Unpleasant Synchrony Disturbances
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"Listen here, you despicable little douchebag!
You better know that we regret every single mistake we made. Keep provoking us or talk to X like that again and I will have one more "mistake" to deal with - and you... a regret. Got it?"

Global Turmoil is the fourteenth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2. The chapter begins with the reactions of the Council sheltered in the Winter Base when they receive the information about the several simultaneous attacks from the Neo Maverick Army. Prabhu concludes that Raffould was right all along and their lack of power and prepare could only result in that.

Meanwhile, Squad B moves through the 3rd Hangar and find dead bodies. Another Beholder attacks them, and Nora suspects that the Maverick Hunters are not registered as trustworthy people inside the facility, and Red Thunder mocks X's, suggesting his incompetence made the government see them as Mavericks. Zero orders Encore to go ahead, then grabs Red Thunder by the neck and threats him, saying he and X are aware of their mistakes and regret every single one of them. Red Thunder accepts to leave them in peace, but jokes that they do not like being poked with the truth.


Neo Maverick troops explode the roof of the parliament chamber and begin their invasion.

At the same time, Schneider was talking at the parliament chamber when the Neo Mavericks suddenly came from the roof. It seemed that someone had leaked the information about the weaknesses of the building and so they managed to get there must faster than it was expected, which caused the death of most of the parliamentarians in the first wave. Captain Elika and Falsetto arrived to help, and they split. Elika would find their commander and force them to stop the attack, while Falsetto would escort the parliamentarians to the shelters.

In Stockholm, Platina suspects that Trickster has a Maverick mindset, and Trickster suggests that it might be true, since he was raised by Mavericks after he "wandered alone", but she could trust him. Shad observes them from a distance and later gets Platina off-guard when they are separated. Trickster tricks Shad into believing he was planning to defect to the Neo Maverick Army, only to hit him in the head with his Eyepoker. Shad retreats with his vision systems heavily damaged, and Platina tells Trickster why she hates Shad and Saturn so much. For the first time, he seems to take her talk seriously.