The Far East Dominion (abbreviated as F.E.D.) is one of the 12 divisions of the Earth's Government in Mega Man X: Unit 49. Its territory comprehends the current Far East, with the exception of the Southeast Asia. After certain breakthroughs in the last century, the robotics developed in Japan made the country become a technological superpower. During the worldwide military tensions in the early 22nd century, Japan was in an expansionist regime and subdued many of its neighbour countries. When the Earth Council Treaty was signed, the Far East Dominion was formed from most of the territories under japanese control. This new division holds most of the world population and the predominant ethnicities are from the East Asia despite the miscegenation over the century. The current leader of the Dominion is the brave military commander and councilor Takahiro.


The red area represents the territory of the F.E.D.