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Eerie Changes is the fifth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 1.

Platina is shown waking up by an alarm, triggered by her capsule when her combat prosthesis was fully charged, she then reads a message left by Captain Elika and heads to the Main Hall. In the middle of the way, she hears the furious Elika complaining about something, saying the Maverick Hunters are going to be replaced by a brainless reploid army. When Platina enters the hall, Nora puts a video message in the screen, as Elika asks.  

The 49th Unit members watch the speech.

It's a video footage captured from a press conference that happened at the same time of Saturn's "parade", the Red Winger representative Raffould starts his speech saying the Maverick Hunters and minor police units are being inefficient against the newest threat, introducing the Earth's Army, composed by mass produced reploids with the latest combat A.I. and high virus resistance, also showing the Blue Moon and Red Sun ride armors, offered to the best soldiers of the entire organization.

Raffould gives Alain the speaker and he starts his speech. He realistically says the army is not totally ready and it will take time until the Earth's Government manages to finish it, since they can't spend all the budget on the reploids.

Back to the Hunters Base, X and Zero explain what are the Blue and Red wings of the Council, and that Raffould's wing sees robots as weapons and tools who must be kept under control of the humans. Elika is seeing that that a battle between the Earth Army and the Neo Maverick Army could potentially make irreversible damage to the Earth, and says he's going to call every single remaining Maverick Hunter unit to join them.

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