Coat of Arms Earth

Coat of arms of the Earth's Army.

Earth's Army, also known as Earth Army or Earth Forces is a military organization under the control of Earth's Government. It was idealized and proposed by the councilor Raffould of the Red Wing as a countermeasure against the newest world threat, given that it somehow managed to destroy the main headquarters of the Maverick Hunters in a short attack and left the organization extremely destructured and demoralized. It was approved in the emergency reunion convoked by Alain in the Winter Base.

The initial goal was to raise an automated Reploid army under the command of the twelve councilors to protect each dvivisions and replace the Maverick Hunters in the future. Since the Moon colonies became dependant on funds due to the ban on Copy Chips, the Government would not be able to produce the troops in the speed Raffould desired, but the amount of troops would be in a satisfactory number in one month. The Earth Army is said to be open to volunteers, but the Government does not want civilians fighting. Either way, the two best soldiers of the Earth Army would be assigned to pilot the Super Ride Armors Blue Moon and Red Sun. Captain Elika realized that a war between the Earth Army and the Neo Maverick Army in their maximum potential would cause massive damage to the planet, so the remaining Maverick Hunters needed to destroy the NMA before that could happen.



A 2nd Class Shooter sends orders to several troops with a single signal.

The Earth Army Reploids have no personality of their own and can only obey sentient authorized officers related to the Government. With instructions given, the mindless Reploids can perform long missions with high efficiency. Despite that, their AIs are linked and they can share information through a special kind of signal, as seen during the Battle of Stockholm in Winged Rampage.

The EA Reploids are said to have virus immunity thanks to a technology based on the A-Trans that updates their DNA Program periodically, removing any unwanted changes, although that has not been seen yet.


There are several types of EA Reploids and Ea Mechaniloids, each belonging to a distinct Class. The common troops belong to the 3rd Class, the expensive and advanced troops are considered 2nd Class and the strongest make the 1st Class.

Known classes:

3rd Class Shooter The most basic infantry. They shoot plasma beams with a medium fire rate. EAShooter3
2nd Class Shooter A advanced infantry with more resistance and  better cannon that is able to charge shots.

They usually command other 3rd Classes.

3rd Class Aerial Scout They have specs lower than the 3rd Class Shooters, but they can move quickly through the air. EAAerialScout3
2nd Class Aerial Scout This type is equipped with two beam sabers that can pierce through airships.

Instead of commanding their 3rd Classes, the 2nd and 3rd usually complement their strenghts.

1st Class Aerial Scout
Seven-Eyed Bug
A powerful Mechaniloid that has three large cannons. EASevenEyedBug
2nd Class Riot Rider A troop that can fly even with its big shield, that can resist many projectiles and shoot bombs. EARiotRider
3rd Class Fighter A resistant fighter type. Their body parts emanate an energy aura when attacking. EAFighter3
2nd Class Fighter A bigger version of the 2nd Class. EAFighter2
3rd Class Chaser A soldier without weapons that rides the Rigel Ride Chaser. EARigel

Vehicles, weaponry and machineryEdit

Different types of apparatus have been produced to aid the Earth Army troops.

  • EAJubartis

    A Jubartis-class reading its cannon.

    The Jubartis-class is a combat airship that can carry several troops at once. It has two huge plasma cannons that can obliterate entire fleets when fully charged. The first time they were shot was in the Battle of Stockholm against Chaotic Gargale's fleet, destroying 80% of the enemy troops. However, the beam hit the city, probably causing more civil deaths than casualties to the NMA.
  • The Carrier Platform Lv. 2 is a floating vehicle that comes out of the larger vehicles carrying a dozen troops on it. Its design allows the shooter classes to keep fighting while it makes its descent.


Blue Moon and Red SunEdit

The Blue Moon and Red Sun are the first of a new set of extremely expensive Ride Armors based on the Raiden models, having a large arsenal and high resistance called Super Ride Armors.

Blue Moon
A lightweight armor, with running and prolonged jumping abilities that make it able to dodge many types of attacks;
Its arms can morph into plasma cannons or do pistomatic punches; 
It has automatic floating lasers cannons that can quickly make a shower of attacks and intercept projectiles.
It is equipped with a huge cannon that shoots the BM Ray, a devastating laser that takes a half hour to recharge to its full capacity.
Red Sun
A heavy armor, with legs that work like a tank mobility system. However, in a flat territory it can reach high speeds thanks to the thrusters in its back.

Its arms can morph into fire cannons or grenade launchers, perform pistomatic punches, envelop itself in flames and expel a smoke screen that absorbs heat attacks.

Its armor recovers from heat blasts and minor structural damages after a short time, so only concentrated attacks can actually damage it. Its chest and shoulders are equipped with dozens of compact missiles that are shot in barrages.

It is equipped with two large missiles called RS Meteors that can destroy anything in a radius of several meters.