Dikho (right) and Scatho (left) as they appear in Mega Man X: Unit 49

Dikho and Scatho are two criminals with main activities in the Central European Union in the 2180's.

In Chain Vengefulness, it is shown that the Maverick Hunters Red Thunder, Gunther and Fenghi were hunting the two for a long time, until they somehow discovered about their meeting with the renowned inventor and Reploid musician called Maestro. Dikho and Scatho requested a powerful laser bomb and anticipatedly paid 1.500.000Z to Maestro, who was not carrying the weapon. The reason was that Maestro subcontracted his pupil Widhalm M. Luthier, knowning he could enhance the potency of the lasers and was too naive to realize he was manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction.

The brothers were planning to destroy the main building of the C.E.U. and cause havoc in the political situation of the region, with the ultimate goal of establishing a Reploid state. However, Widhalm got late to the meeting and the Maverick Hunters invaded the place trying to arrest the three. Maestro reacted and hit Gunther, who accidentally released the energy in his cannon and killed Scatho. Dikho got enraged and killed Gunther, throwing Fenghi into despair and causing her to strafe Dikho with her energy dards. Somehow, the severely damaged Dikho could still get up and kill Fenghi while she was off guard.

According to Red Thunder, Dikho managed to vanish and no one has ever heard of him again.