I'm just a demented experiment,
I don't care about what happens!
— Cyrenox, Winged Rampage
Cyrenox as he appears
in Mega Man X: Unit 49.
Comic Information
First Appearance Winged Rampage
Personal Information
Alternate Name Cyren
Birthplace: Jamison Liquid Metal Engineering Facility
Species: Liquid Metal Reploid
Gender: Male
Status Alive
Creator: Jamison LMEF Researchers
Combat Information
Primary Weapons: LM Guns
Secondary Weapons: LM Saber
Affiliations and Positions
Affiliations: Neo Maverick Army
Position: Warmonger
Allies: Nitrous Marcidus

Cyrenox's sprite.

Cyrenox is an antagonist introduced in Mega Man X: Unit 49's second season. He is a Liquid Metal Reploid developed by the Jamison Industries who suffered a brain damage and lost the ability to care about his equals and the world he lives in.


Cyrenox seems to be the only of the Liquid Metal Reploids who does not hold a grudge against his creators nor mankind, so he does not care about the Neo Maverick ideals either. He dislikes following orders and joined the Army only because the war seemed a source of fun, but he keeps being reprehended by his sister Corrosive Nagaxid, to whom he shows distaste and envy.

Cyrenox is aware he is demented source of problems, but he is completely indifferent to the consequences of his acts. He is still childish and feels humiliated when facing a stronger enemy who does not acknowledge him as a big threat.


Just like all the Liquid Metal Reploids of the Jamison Industries, Cyrenox' body is made of a substance that can shift between solid and liquid in their own will, which corrodes the parts of normal Reploids when it touches them while heated or liquefied. Due to that, his ability to liquefy can be nullified if he is frozen by an ice weapon. Unlike his brothers, Cyrenox seems to be unable to morph into other kinds of bodies.

Cyrenox has two heated liquid metal guns and a Liquid Metal Saber.


Recommended Reading: Jamison LMEF's History During the experiments that gave birth to Cyrenox, he suffered a damage in his nucleus that affected his personality, but since the Jamison LMEF Researchers did not care about their minds, he was kept alive.

After being freed by Corrosive Nagaxid, Cyrenox became interested in the idea of fighting in an Army and joined the Neo Mavericks. However, he was put as a patrol unit in the same facility and tasked to warn the NMA in case any Maverick Hunters were sighted.

On June 27th, Cyrenox was riding one of the cargo vehicles when the security detected unknown Reploids teleporting outside the Production Sector. He was sent to check and somehow noticed the small distortions in Illusion's mirage, but it is unknown if he actually told the truth about that. He jumped in a liquid metal tube and travelled to his sister's room and told her he wanted to fight the Maverick Hunters, but she ordered him to escape and remain in safety.


Cyrenox escapes from death by a charged shot.

Cyrenox disobeyed Nagaxid and ambushed the Hunters, who saw him as annoyance. Cyrenox fought X and Blue Knight, but the battle ended very quickly when he was hit by Blue Knight's freezing shot. X gave him a chance to surrender, but he found that humiliating and said he would not stop causing trouble if they kept him alive, insisting to fight and shooting X, who released his charged shot. Cyrenox had half of his body destroyed, but he felt on a liquid metal pool and escaped.
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