The Central European Union (abbreviated as C.E.U.) is one of the 12 divisions of the Earth's Government in Mega Man X: Unit 49. It comprehends the area of the Continental Europe below the territory of the current Lithuania, excluding the Balkan Peninsula, which makes part of the Aegean Conglomerate, and additionally the Northwestern Africa. It is ruled by the councilors Raffould and Manfred, with the capital at Paris. The division works in a similar way to the current European Union. Raffould has a role in the executive branch while Manfred in the legislative, but both have authority to apply orders from the Council. Although Red Wing was the favorite party in the aftermath of Eurasia's fall, during the 2190s the Blue Wing managed to elect Schneider, the first Reploid lawmaker.


The red area represents the territory of the C.E.U


Neo Maverick troops explode the roof of the parliament chamber and begin their invasion.

During the Fanfare Operations of the Neo Maverick Army, the parliament of the C.E.U. was attacked and its interior was invaded before anyone could react. In fact, someone had leaked the construction plant of the place and sabotaged the defense systems. In the initial strikes, most of the parliamentarians were killed, and the rest managed to escape to the shelters with the help of Falsetto. Meanwhile, Captain Elika went alone against dozens of NMA troops hoping to find the commander of the attack and force them to stop the attack. In the meantime, the NMA activated several Jammers near the building. Eventually, the Earth Army arrived with a Jubartis-class battleship, as well as 1st Class Mechaniloids and suppressed the attackers, who weakened the jammers to spread retreat orders.