Seasons are the name given to the arcs of Mega Man X: Unit 49.


X and Zero are working hard to hunt the last problematic Mavericks in the world before taking the next step to peace, but it seems there is still a long journey before doing this. What if the Maverick Hunters are suddenly reduced to ruins? Will they rise again and stop the new Maverick threatening the world with his huge conspiracy?

Season 1Edit

After the DoomsdayXZero and Alia have lost everything and yet have to face a new threat. Soon, new allies appear and the enemy reveals himself to the world, with the objective of joining forces with criminals that even Sigma hadn't influence over. As things get worse at every moment, the Government seems to be losing its trust on the competence of the Maverick Hunters and prepares by itself a reprisal force. Meanwhile, the Hunters discover in a risky act the plans of the golden warrior of vengeance that is one of the men in charge of this conspiracy and go there to face him, without knowing how much trouble they would find in the way.

Season 2Edit

During the battle against KranSnacman revealed a power capable of absorbing enormous quantities of energy and saved X and Zero. To understand that, Nora decided to unseal the room with all the files from Dr. Henry SnacmanPlatina's late husband, and investigate the data about the Reploid boy. What they did not expect to find in Henry's files was a vast diary telling many things about himself and Saturn.

New allies join the 49th Unit, while the Neo Maverick Army begins its "Fanfare Operations" and spreads panic through the world with countless simultaneous attacks. The Maverick Hunters know they cannot protect all the people and being reactive will not stop Saturn. Due to that, they spread in three different squads to intercept the major Maverick operations while a fourth squad goes in a mission to investigate a liquid metal engineering facility occupied by the enemy. ​​​​​​​

Season 2 is not complete yet.

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