Preceeded by Prologue: Doomsday, the first main arc of Mega Man X: Unit 49 is reffered as Season 1. Next: Season 2.


After the Doomsday, X, Zero and Alia have lost everything and yet have to face a new threat. Soon, new allies appear and the enemy reveals himself to the world, with the objective of joining forces with criminals that even Sigma hadn't influence over. As things get worse at every moment, the Government seems to be losing its trust on the competence of the Maverick Hunters and prepares by itself a reprisal force. Meanwhile, the Hunters discover in a risky act the plans of the golden warrior of vengeance that is one of the men in charge of this conspiracy and go there to face him, without knowing how much trouble they would find in the way.

List of Season 1 chaptersEdit

  1. Earth's Army
  2. Hunter's Call
  3. The 49th Unit
  4. Parade
  5. Eerie Changes
  6. Nightly Torments
  7. Briefing
  8. The Siege Begins!
  9. Reception Hall
  10. The Sewers
  11. Cat and Mice
  12. Factory Problems
  13. Forgotten Monstrosity
  14. Royal Blockades
  15. Birth of a Plagiarist
  16. Orchestra of Lights
  17. Chain Vengefulness
  18. Shattered Shine
  19. The Evil Settles Up

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