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Awareness is the fourth chapter of Mega Man X: Unit 49's Season 2. It shows the origin of the Reploid that would later be known as Saturn.

The first note of the chapter dates only 2178, without specifying the day or month. Henry was making the maintenance of Platina's prostheses and suddenly the Sigma Virus spread out and the armageddon of the Earth Crisis began. The following note dates June 6th of 2179 and describes how the world has changed several months after Eurasia crashed. The old world order was replaced by military leaders who created the new Earth's Government Pact. A picture shows a younger Prabhu, leader of the C.E.F preparing to make a speech. The Council's main project was to connect all the underground cities with what remained of the metrolines.


Banneker and the RD217900-X series cross Henry and Ardie.

Date: June 6th of 2179. Meanwhile, in the RaDoRB, the employees were moving the equipments to the new underground headquarters. Coming down from the elevator, a man called Mr. Banneker brings a group of identical robots with restrained personalities of the RD217900-X series, developed by himself. Banneker asks Henry to show him where was Dr. Niels, the inspector, while Ardie was sad because he felt he was about to be substituted by the new Reploids.

Later, Ardie was dispatched to another sector, against Henry's will, and was replaced by RD217900-6. The Reploid was supposed to not have a personality, but progressively deviated from that, questioning Henry and even making a joke about his ridiculous surname. Henry got angered and told him that names by themselves may be funny, but what really matters is who you are and what significance you can give to them. A similar speech would be seen during Chain Vengefulness. The robot is unable to understand the meaning of his sentence, since he did not even have a name. Henry then dubbed him Six and, even going against his principles, Six liked and accepted the idea that he is a person.


As the days passed, Six quirky behavior was noticed by his colleagues, until Six started to argue with Inspector Niels. For Six's luck, Dr. Rosse found it funny and said that Six was only worrying about the condition of Niels, and the inspector relieved.

To keep Six occupied, Henry gave him several books from an old library of the surface laboratory, and Six learned many things about history and other fields of study. Niels eventually found him and became severely irate, since the books were very old and had letters and pages missing and outdated data. He feared that Six could have his data bank corrupted. Then, Dr. Seigen showed up and persuaded Niels that he could use Six's will to learn to turn him into a true scientist.


  • The title Awareness refers to Six's growing aware that he is a person, thanks to Henry.
  • In the fourth panel, it is shown a giant figure that resembles the Reploid used by Saturn to destroy the 17th Elite Unit.