Arashiha Citadel is one of the main headquarters of the Neo Maverick Army. This fortress shelters Kerbekeros' laboratories, but its true past is unknown, as well as its location.


The Great Neo Maverick WarEdit


Kerbekeros makes a speech in Arashiha's Command Center.

The negotiations between Saturn and Kerbekeros regarding their conspiracy resulted in an exchange: Keros would allow Saturn to use his fortress as the center of operations of the Army, but he would be the second in charge and would not bow to his orders while he was in Arashiha. After the Parade, Keros managed to host the First Neo Maverick Conference in Arashiha's War Hall and discussed with several Mavericks their ideals and planned the next steps of the Army. Thanks to Saturn's indoctrinating speeches, the crooks, mobsters and bounty hunters could temporarily follow his lead and act organized as allies in the fortress, which was quickly modified to support the troops and their operations.

Later, a Command Center was activated in the innermost part of the fortress, in order to begin the Fanfare Operations around the world. Kerbekeros acted as a commander while several Navigators gave him support.


Arashiha is the junction of the japanese words for storm (嵐 arashi) and blade (刃 ha), suggesting an alternate name Stormblade Citadel. It strongly relates to Keros' symbolisms with the climate gods Raijin and Fuujin, as well as his name being the greek word for weather.