The Alliance of Scandinavia (abbreviated as AoS) is one of the 12 divisions of the Earth's Government in Mega Man X: Unit 49. It comprehends the current countries of the Scandinavia, in addition to Iceland and the northwest of Russia. The Alliance is commanded by the councilor Konrad, having its capital at Stockholm.


The red area represents the territory of the AoS


The two armies clash in front of Stockholm's city hall.

During the Fanfare Operations of the Neo Maverick Army, Stockholm was attacked by NMA troops led by Chaotic Gargale. He brought a strong storm upon the city and destroyed the city hall, as well as several other buildings with his artificial tornadoes and the bomber Mechaniloids called Pesky Disasters. The Earth Army mobilized one of their battleships of the Jubartis-class and several LEGION soldiers to intercept the attack. Although the legions were superior in strenght against the cheap soldiers of the Neo Mavericks, Gargale could defeat dozens of them simultaneously, making the battle a stalemate that was only causing more destruction to the city. Thanks to the efforts of Platina and Trickster, Gargale was destroyed, although the Battle of Stockholm continued for more than an hour as the Neo Mavericks kept fighting while making a scatter move to buy more time for Kerbekeros' true plan.


  • Although the Landstingshuset is not Stockholm's true city hall in the current days, a modern version of the building was chosen to depict the place due to its architecture.
  • The Maverick troops of the S-Vendel class make reference to the Vendel Period, an era that preceded the Viking Age.