The 17th Elite Unit is a division of the Maverick Hunters that comprises the majority of the most skilled Maverick Hunters. Their headquarters is located at the main center of Maverick Hunter operations, so the 17th Unit base is the Maverick Hunters HQ in a sense.

This unit has been in the spotlight during the entirety of the Maverick Wars, since most of its members defected and turned into dangerous Mavericks themselves and others became known for defeating several major threats such as X and Zero. However, during Operation Doomsday, Saturn was able to warp Gigantex in front of the headquarters and the Hunters barely had any time to react to that sudden appearance, resulting in a catastrophic loss of several dozen Hunters, recruits, personnel and structure that were smashed by Gigantex's wrath and the crumbling buildings. The remaining members of the 17th Unit later agreed to merge their strenghts with the 49th Unit.


17th Elite UnitEdit

  • Sigma  (defected, deceased)
  • Zero
  • X
  • Iris (?) (defected, deceased)
  • Alia
  • Douglas (unknown)
  • Axl
  • Pallette
  • Layer
  • Vile (defected, deceased)
  • Chill Penguin (defected, deceased)
  • Storm Eagle (defected, deceased)
  • Boomer Kuwanger (defected, deceased)
  • Spark Mandrill (defected, deceased)
  • Flame Stag (defected, deceased)
  • Gravity Beetle (defected, deceased)
  • Mac (defected, deceased)
  • Double (defected, deceased)